The amount of minerals and vitamins in feeding dairy cows plays an important role in the production of milk, the health and safety of the immune system and reproduction. Over the past 20 years, genetic development in dairy cattle has increased the need for vitamins and minerals. Since 2001, extensive studies have been conducted to determine more precisely the amount of vitamins and minerals needed for livestock, which has caused a lot of changes in the needs of dairy cows for mineral and vitamin creatures since 2001. Part of these changes results from an antagonistic study of the relationship between the mineral and vitamin in drinking water on the need for livestock for the elements. It is clear that consuming more than just needed is not only economically but also harmful to animal health. The Nolan Feed Group has based its research on the actual amount of mineral and vitamin needed, and consultation with domestic and foreign centers as well as the study of the state of water resources of the country. It has been developing a mineral compound to separate compound separate depending on the type of use. The group is prepared to monitor the effects of mineral supplements with free advice and use of experienced experts at the farm level, considering the presence of minerals in water and animal feed, and according to the actual needs of each herd and the economic optimization of the product Make the perfect complement.