Free Stalls

The main objectives of installing free stalls in a farm are:

  • Increasing the cattle’s hygiene
  • Increasing the capacity of cows
  • Increasing cows’ resting and rumination time in lying position
  • Decreasing the microbial load of produced milk
  • Decreasing the rate of laming in the herd
  • Decreasing manpower
  • Decreasing the costs of bedding change
  • Decreasing injuries as of teat crushing
  • Decreasing mastitis among the herd

Features of free stalls made by Nolan UK:

  • Applying standard Hot-dip galvanized tubes with proper weight
  • Applying CO2 welding to increase the life span and stability of free stall frames
  • Applying fitting screws
  • Rapid production
  • Hydraulic bending with no crease
  • Sliding size adjustment for cattle of different sizes
  • Adjustable to disassemble and reassemble the frame for easier relocation

Available free stall sizes:

  • standard frame
  • 200cm for any order