Stainless Steel Water Trough

Stainless steel Water Trough

Stainless Steel Water Trough with discharge door, made from stainless steel, tough and resistant

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Calf Boxes

Calf Boxes

Nolan calf boxes are made of fiberglass manufactured for newly-born calves and have following advantages:

  • Ever-lasting life span
  • Not destructed by sun light
  • Easy mobility in open and covered areas
  • Standard and appropriate air conditioning in cold and warm seasons
Calf Box - Special Equipment for Calves- Nolan UK
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Head Lock

Dairy cows are commonly checked by veterinarians every day to apply medications. In this regard, head locks are designed for fixing the neck of animals in farms.

Using headlocks saves both labor and feed costs, which results in profitable investment for farmers.

Head Lock - Special Equipment for Dairy Farms - Nolan UK
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Mats - Special Equipment for Dairy Farms - Nolan UK

If free stalls have soft natural floors, cattle will live comfortably and healthy, as they spend 24 hours a day in free stalls, relaxing, walking and standing. In this regard, it is necessary to provide a comfortable environment for cattle welfare to achieve higher milk productions and more income.

Here are special specifications of Nolan’s mats:

  • Permanently soft
  • Promote mobility and claw health
  • Suitable for soft manure scraping systems
  • Stress reducing
  • Improve parlor entrance
  • Promote long lying times and joint health
  • Are easy to maintain
Mats - Special Equipment for Dairy Farms - Nolan UK

Free Stalls

The main objectives of installing free stalls in a farm are:

  • Increasing the cattle’s hygiene
  • Increasing the capacity of cows
  • Increasing cows’ resting and rumination time in lying position
  • Decreasing the microbial load of produced milk
  • Decreasing the rate of laming in the herd
  • Decreasing manpower
  • Decreasing the costs of bedding change
  • Decreasing injuries as of teat crushing
  • Decreasing mastitis among the herd

Features of free stalls made by Nolan UK:

  • Applying standard Hot-dip galvanized tubes with proper weight
  • Applying CO2 welding to increase the life span and stability of free stall frames
  • Applying fitting screws
  • Rapid production
  • Hydraulic bending with no crease
  • Sliding size adjustment for cattle of different sizes
  • Adjustable to disassemble and reassemble the frame for easier relocation

Available free stall sizes:

  • standard frame
  • 200cm for any order
Free Stalls - Special Equipment for Dairy Farms - Nolan UK
Free Stalls - Special Equipment for Dairy Farms - Nolan UK
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