A separator is a machine which receives manure in form of a combination of wet and dry material and separates them in appropriate environmental conditions. In this method, the dry material has no odor and can be packed and stored. Also the wet material can be used in flush systems, or its livestock waste water can be separated and the liquid containing low volumes of Nitrogen and Phosphorous will be absorbed and used in watering systems.

Specifications of Nolan UK’s Separators:

  1. The separators are manufactured from high-quality materials and alloys which lead to their durability and depreciation allowance.
  2. In comparison with other products, Nolan’s Separators produce more solid manure, consume less energy and requires less maintenance with no need to special instructions.
  3. Augers last a lifetime as they are made of high-quality materials.
  4. Inlets installed on the machinery aids to check or clean pieces inside.

Hybrid Separators:



Nowadays, manure management systems have dominated the market all over the globe. We aim to provide various solutions to manure management in farms, to develop and equip the farms with the latest technology and to offer different kinds of intelligent robots to manage manure.

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