The right solution for mastitis

With Iodenolan , you are in good hands. With its rapid efficacy, Iodenolan prevents from diseases and limits the loss of milk production. Iodenolan preserves immunity. As applied for animals, it can be well tolerated. In numerous publications, Iodenolan is mentioned as a highly effective anti-infective that makes it irreplaceable in veterinary medicine. These are good reasons why Iodenolan has been frequently and successfully used for over a decade and also can be used in the future.

How to use:

One the most common diseases among livestock is mastitis, which imposes great damages on farmers every year. In acute conditions, the disease causes blood infections, anorexia and atrophy and decreases the volume of milk production and its quality.

Selecting a proper product and applying an effective disinfectant and protecting and healing livestock teat after being exposed to pressures from milking machines not only protects livestock from various diseases, including mastitis, but also concludes to higher milk productions.

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