Alkanolan_C is a Phosphate- and Chlorine-free, concentrated alkaline formulation with separating materials which delivers maximum cleaning power to the CIP system and is especially effective in cleaning milk fat residues.

This detergent is highly effective for elimination of milk fat residues in hard water used in higher concentrations.

How to use:

1) Prewash the system with clean water of 43-54°C. Drain till clear.

2) Pour 0.5L of Alkanolan_C  in 100 to 200L hot water of 70-77°C. Add 110-200 ppm Chlorine to the washing solution. Mix for 6-10 minutes. Finally drain completely.

Alkanolan_C is a concentrated liquid which has no solubility problems and can be washed easily from glass, plastic and metal surfaces. It contains no generally recognized pollutants, is highly alkaline and some neutralization of effluent may be required. It should be used with care and at the time of handling, hands, eyes, face and clothes should be protected.

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