Acidonolan is a highly concentrated, low foaming CIP acid cleaner which removes mineral deposits on surface of CIP equipment.

Such liquid:

– prevents milk stone formation

– has no disruptive foam

– develops acidic environment

– prevents bacterial growth

How to use:

If this liquid is used for acid rinse, follow below instruction:

After detergent washing, mix 30cc of Acidonolan with 130-170L water for 5 minutes and finally drain.

If it is used for acid wash, follow below instruction:

Mix 60cc of Acidonolan in 57L of hot water of 70-77°C for 6-10 minutes, drain and finally rinse thoroughly with drinking water.

This detergent is a concentrated liquid which has no solubility problems and can be washed easily from glass, plastic and metal surfaces. It contains no generally recognized pollutants, is highly acidic and some neutralization of effluent may be required. It should be used with care and at the time of handling, hands, eyes, face and clothes should be protected.

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