Z-flex Ear Tag

Z-flex Ear Tags

Ear tags play an important role in livestock identification and all information related to their parents, pedigree, diseases and treatments, breeding and all other things happened during their lives are registered according to the numbers allocated to each animal in management software or sheets.

Although all ear tags look similar, their component materials are important with regard to their durability during animal lifetime.

If animals are kept for more than 6 months, using polyurethane tags with metal tips are recommended as they are highly resistant against pressure and strokes; i.e. metal tips are rigid enough against strokes, heat, humidity and other physical factors and in this way, tags will remain longer on livestock ear. Therefore, because of the rigidity of metal tips, it will be hard and time consuming to change animal’s identification number in case they are stolen.

Below, you can find the advantages of Z-flex ear tags made from polyurethane in comparison with other types:

  • Polyurethane is thermal resistance in all temperature situations (from -40 to +60 °C).
  • As polyurethane is highly resistant against solar UV radiation, ear tags remain well during animal lifetime
  • This material is highly resistant against corrosion of chemical detergents and pesticides because of its special chemical bonds.
  • Ear tags and numbers with writings on them will not be affected by solid and liquid manure especially in humid and contaminated environments; so, polyurethane is the best choice for producing ear tags.
  • Resistance against environmental pressures such as strain and strokes with hard objects especially for calves and young herds with more mobility is the fact that should be noticed for ear tag production and in this regard, polyurethane is the best choice with such specifications.
  • In comparison with other polymers, high hygienic standards and special chemical specifications of polyurethane lead to healthy skin and no allergies will happen in any weather situations.
  • As polyurethane is not an appropriate environment for growth of bacteria, fungi and other pathogen factors and injuries caused by applicators will heal soon.
  • As polyurethane is flexible and can be easily bent, it’s not possible to break or change it intentionally (as in case of stealing the animals); so, ear tags specially the two-piece ones are more secure.


  • Z-Flex ear tags are made in two-piece
  • Made of polyurethane
  • Numbers can be written by markers or printed by laser
  • Sizes: 65*85 mm (small size) and 80 * 120 mm (big size)
  • In yellow and white colors
  • With new design and easy application on animal’s ear
  • With metal tip polyurethane pin
embossed ear tags