Round Ear Tags

Ear tags play an important role in livestock identification and all information related to their parents, pedigree, diseases and treatments, breeding and all other things happened during their lives are registered according to the numbers allocated to each animal in management software or sheets.

Although all ear tags look similar, their component materials are important with regard to their durability during animal lifetime.

As some animals are willing to chew their ear tags, it’s not possible to chew the round one s and thus numbers stay longer. It seems that round tags would keep their shape for life long. Sometimes these tags are used with another ones however sometimes they are used alone.

If animals are kept for more than 6 months, using polyurethane tags with metal tips are recommended as they are highly resistant against pressure and strokes; i.e. metal tips are rigid enough against strokes, heat, humidity and other physical factors and in this way, tags would remain on livestock ear. Therefore, because of the rigidity of metal tips, it will be hard and time consuming to change animal’s identification number in case they are stolen.

Also it is possible to print desired numbers and other specifications by laser on these ear tags which leads to save more time and thus, numbers would remain longer in comparison with writing by markers. In this way, the dairy farm seems more industrialized and also the possibility of their robbery is reduces.

Specifications of Round Ear Tags:
  • Bottom- Shape, in two pieces and yellow color
  • Made of polyurethane
  • Applicable for sheep, goat and camel
  • Numbers can be printed by laser
  • With polyurethane pin