Metal Ear Tags for Sheep and Goat

Metal Ear Tag for Sheep and Goat:

Ear tag plays an important role in livestock identification and all information related to their parents, pedigree, diseases and treatments, breeding and all other things happened during their lives are registered according to the numbers allocated to each animal in management software or sheets.

Although all ear tags look similar, their component materials are important with regard to their durability during animal lifetime.

Metal ear tag does not have different variety; however, it should remain on animal ear with neither rusting nor allergic reaction and shall be locked so that it won’t get apart under pressure or by stroke.

Anti-rusting quality of metal ear tag is of high importance since any sign of rusting can lead to intense allergies and will harm livestock skin.

Nowadays, metal tags are mostly used by rubber ones as a complement for livestock identification, in case a rubber tag is lost.

Experimentally using metal ear tag in hot weather regions is not recommended, as it is  irritating the livestock.

  • Metal one-piece ear tag
  • High durability on herd’s ear with no rusting
  • Farm name and desired numbers are able to be engraved on
Metal Ear Tag for Sheep and Goat