One-Piece Plastic Ear Tag Applicator

One-Piece Plastic Ear Tag Applicator:

Ear tag applicators are used for applying tags on livestock ears rapidly and with less pressure. The equipment is also used for two-piece ear tags with normal pins on.

As of the design of  ear tag applicator, some points shall be noticed, like high durability, ergonomic and user-friendly design, security of both user and livestock and also the strength. All these features are considered in these two-piece ear tag applicators, which are also designed to reduce costs at dairy farms as it is possible to change the needles easily once they are damaged.

Although the ear tag applicator is designed for external use in case of ear bleeding, and as the apparatus becomes contaminated by blood, the contamination can be transferred between animals. So, it is recommended to clean the applicator with disinfectant solutions after using for each livestock.

Specification of ear tag applicator:

  • Highly resistant against strokes
  • Possibility of changing needles and other parts as damaged
  • With extra needle and pin
  • In black color
  • Made of plastic
ear tag applicator