Branding Iron

Branding Iron:

Branding plays an important role in livestock identification and all information related to their parents, pedigree, diseases and treatments, breeding and all other things happened during their lives are registered according to the numbers allocated to each animal in management software or sheets.

Although ear tags are produced in various types and installed on livestock ear, branding is more durable on animals’ skin and is readable from far distances. In this case, farmers pay more attention to this marking method.

Branding on animals’ skin is done by different ways and less dangerous one is freeze. In this way, pigment-producing hair cells are damaged causing the animal’s hair to grow white where the brand has been applied.

It should be noticed that mostly it’s not possible to remove branded numbers.

Specifications of branding method:

  • Branding iron applicable on cattle and heifers
  • One set from 0 to 9, in small and big sizes